Friday, August 22, 2008


Last night was the debut of Boom's nomadic gallery in a truck and I think it went well. Unfortunately, I missed the first stop, but was able to catch up with the truck at another artist-conceived-convention-related project called "Karaoke Convention". Now the idea of karaoke-ing campaign speeches may sound a little dry but it wasn't at all. The participating speakers read speeches that scrolled across a prompter verbatim - including any stumbling over words, dramatic pauses, and (of course) long applause. There was a degree of humor to it all, but I can also say that I noticed/absorbed the words that were being spoken much more than if I had simply been watching the speech given on network news. All the speeches to choose from can be rehearsed and read-over on their website. It was interesting to hear speeches from larger-than-life personalities like Obama or Clinton read by people with far less media coverage - regular people who just signed up to participate on the spot. If you're in Denver, take a look at the Karaoke Convention schedule and be sure to stop by one of their events. I talked to the artist last night, and here's the scoop - if you go to Karaoke Convention at JR's on Sunday, the BBC should be there. That's the rumor anyway - but there are a lot of rumors here during convention week, so don't hold me to it. ha ha. And speaking of schedules, Boom is putting together a schedule of where the art truck will be here. I'll take some pictures of the truck tonight...

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