Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Jason Lazarus

The work by Jason Lazarus is some of the most affecting photography I've found of late. He has several series that can be viewed here -I think I might have looked at every image on his site. I've posted a few selections from different series including, "Living with a Portrait" (the first two images here), "Wright Commission" (the Reinhardt painting), and the last image here is from "Self Portrait as an Artist" series. At risk of sounding sentimental, I think these image have a poetic elegance to them without coming off as pretentious. They seem very human. They present feelings of reflection, loss, and well-placed humor. Some of the series seem very personal and intentional, and some seem very momentary/fleeting. Give his site a look.

Jacob's portrait of Kafka in bedroom (painted by an ex-lover)
Greg's Geronimo portrait for the road

The back of an Ad Reinhardt
"Untitled" 36x26" archival inkjet 2008

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