Friday, October 3, 2008

Opening Tonight!

Everyone I Ever Knew

Please come to Bentwave Gallery- 4426 Tennyson Street- on Friday, October 3rd at 6pm. For the Opening of “Everyone I Ever Knew”- selected photographs from a new series by Anna Newell . The images will be up for all of October.

“I have stacks and stacks of photo albums that are the documentation of my life and are the result of my almost obsessive picture taking. These albums serve as visual diaries that display events and people in my life that I have recorded with my camera. For Everyone I Ever Knew I used ten years worth of snapshots to create fifteen new compositions…hoping that these diptychs will bring revived life to the old, be a vehicle for reminiscing, as well as, be a way to reconcile with a former existence.”

C&C Exhibition & Speaker Series

During the month of October (2nd to the 30th) the C&C Exhibition & Speaker Series will be showing new photographs by Aaron Jones and Jose Sanguineti. Be sure to stop by this exhibit! Aaron Jones was Space Gallery’s recent “Best In Show” winner for his photography and Jose Sanguineti will be showing his new body of work Landscapes Out West.

Denver’s City and County Building, Jury Room is located at 1437 Bannock Street on the 4th floor, Room 431 (a left off the elevators & then a right). You don’t need a jury duty summons to view the work! Please come by Monday through Friday between 12 and 6.

Recently called “… by far one of the city’s most interesting gallery spaces” by

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