Friday, October 24, 2008

Two Great Art Video Podcasts

While I've been spending most of my days in the studio, I've been keeping myself energized with some great video and audio podcasts about art. The MOMA has several audio podcasts to choose from (here). I'm really excited about these video pocasts as well:

Merrily Kerr's New York Art Tours

These short videos are great - succinct but not shallow. Merrily Kerr is thorough in her research and shares her insights while showing the viewer around the gallery. I think it is fantastic to get a short tour of NY galleries from all the way across the country. I'd highly recommend subscribing to this series (free). RSS feed here.

Vernissage TV
. Well made video podcasts that include artist interviews and gallery tours. Recommended. RSS feed here.

If your mp3 device does not have video capabilities you can watch these videos on their websites - they are only a few minutes long and will be much more beneficial than watching another Sarah Palin parody on youtube.

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