Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kristen Schiele at David B. Smith Gallery

Kristen Schiele, Industrial, Oil on Canvas, 21"x30"

Three of Swords, 2008, 48" x 46", oil on canvas

I finally got over to David B. Smith gallery to see the current group show. I really enjoyed these two pieces by Kristen Schiele and had a nice chat with Dave about gallery name change (from Limited Addiction) and all that 2009 has in store for him (books? prints? new artists! Josh Keyes show!).

If you haven't seen the show that's up right now, do. I thought it was more diverse than their previous group shows and represented a broader range of painting and sculpture - broader than the typically narrow scope of the Juxtapoz/low-brow/pop-surrealism/whateveryouwanttocallit scene that they often (perhaps unfairly) get lumped into. I'm excited to see their scope grow as their gallery grows and I'm really looking forward to their upcoming shows this year.

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