Friday, February 27, 2009

Rogier Janssen

Rogier Janssen, Dzban B., oil on canvas 2006

Rogier Janssen, Border 1., oil on canvas 2004

Rogier Janssen, Dzban A., oil on canvas 2007
Rogier Janssen,Waalbruggen, Oil on Canvas, 130x170 cm, 2005
Rogier Janssen, Communist Party Building, Oil on Canvas, 120x150 cm, 2002


Anonymous said...

Still surprised to find my paintings on an american blog. I'm honoured :)
Best regards: Rogier Janssen , The Netherlands

Anonymous said...

I feel an air of mystery - and touch of irony?- in R. Janssen's paintings. Thanks for showing, Nathan.

Nathan said...

Interesting read - after looking at these again, they seem very detached - which I suppose could be read as ironic.


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