Thursday, February 12, 2009

Matthew Cornell: Variations on a Theme

Matthew Cornell, Sweetwater, Oil on Panel, 7.25x9.25"
Matthew Cornell, Santee, Oil on Panel, 12x18"
Matthew Cornell, Tangier, Oil no Panel, 7x10"
Matthew Cornell, Vermilion, Oil on Panel, 16x20"


Matthew Cornell said...

It is very near where the river meets the sea.. . .


Nathan said...

These are great paintings Matthew - I've been following your work since I was probably a freshman in undergrad and I saw it at the Ann Arbor Art Fair. Keep it up!

Matthew Cornell said...

Thanks, Nathan. Just trying to do the best I can. Haven't been to the Ann Arbor show in a few years. My wife is from there and went to grad school at UM. Great town. Looks like you are doing pretty good yourself.


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