Monday, August 17, 2009

Two Furniture Picks

We were furiture shopping yesterday, so here are two great picks to start off your week - The first is from the Denver-based furiture design firm Housefish Suspended Bed. Made of CNC machined aluminum, stainless steel tension cables. The mattress platform is held completely rigid- it does not swing or sway. The suspended bed is available in a strictly limited edition of 5 pieces, each one uniquely finished and signed and numbered on a laser engraved placard.

The second pick is a desk that was designed and built by my friend Ryan Helsel - who has started a online blog for furniture sales caled let's rebuild. This desk utilizes salvaged wood from a downtown Durham building renovation. It is paired with an Eames inspired wooden chair and it has already sold, but keep an eye on his blog for more great finds like this...

1 comment:

liza said...

Both are great. I love them. Thank you, Nathan!


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