Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Music for Your Studio; Vol. 26

Yair Yona, "Remember" (download link - free and legal via bandcamp)

I'm anxious for fall, and this is the perfect soundtrack for it. I found it at Palmless Prayer. The artist's myspace page describes the sound as being "Armed with a 12 strings acoustic guitar, an intoxicated banjo and a cheeky Weissenborn, amongst other soaked instruments, Israel’s Yair Yona adapts his British Folk influences and his love for the groundbreaking guitar works of John Fahey, to a captivating trip down memory lane of the 1920s & 1930s Mississippi and Delta blues, country, rag-time and contemporary acid-folk."

If you've skipped over a couple of the Music for Your Studio feautures or the thunderstorm recording I posted a couple of weeks ago was too "out there" - don't miss this one. Seriously. Fantastic.

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