Monday, August 3, 2009

Jeremy Blake films at Ubuweb

"Liquid Villa", 2000

"Guccinam", 2000

Jeremy Blake, Century 21, 2004

These films are available to watch or download at Ubuweb. I played "Century 21" on my tv when we had friends over the other day and it instantly turned the monitor into a colorful morphing painting. It was a nice way to transform a black rectangular box into something aesthetically pleasing but not as distracting as something with sound or a narrative. I've mentioned Blake's work previously - they are rewarding and beautiful films (including parts of Punch Drunk Love and Beck's Round the Bend video). Ubuweb describes "Guccinam" as being, "Like a slow-burn acid trip, Blake's kaleidoscopic morphings are gorgeous and mesmerizing - digital wallpaper at its best."

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