Monday, August 24, 2009

Kris Lewis at David B. Smith

On Saturday night we went to the new David B. Smith location (no longer on Santa Fe Dr.) to see the Kris Lewis opening. It was a very good show - you can view it online here. David B. Smith gallery is by far one of the most consistently high-quality and diverse galleries in Denver. If you haven't been to the new space on Wazee (between 15th and 16th) you should. This show will be up through September 12th - which will be here sooner than you think. Here are my two favorites from the show:

Kris Lewis, "Low Tides", Oil on Board, 36x24"

Kris Lewis, "White Flag", Oil on Board, 36x24"

Interestingly, the stripe on the left side of this painting was painted over to be a aspen trunk -which is how it was shown at the gallery. That must have been a late decision because this is the only version I've found of it online.


michelle said...

these are gorgeous. thanks.

Nathan said...

they were really exceptional in person too. surprisingly matte surface quality for oil paintings.


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