Wednesday, January 2, 2008

First Friday

Since my computer is going to be in the shop, I'm working ahead and doing the blogging for the week. Every month, when First Friday rolls around I would suggest checking out and for excellent coverage and recommendations as to what art events are going on and where to find them.

There are two great openings this First Friday that I wanted to highlight including one at Sliding Door Gallery on Santa Fe called, "In the Light of Thought: A Winter Celebration."
January 4, 2008 through January 27, 2008.
Opening reception: Friday, January 4, 2008 6-10pm

Primarily sculptural, “In the Light of Thought” consists of works utilizing light as a medium-candle, electrical or conceptual. Participating artists include Sliding Door members as well as the following invitees: Tracey Barnes, Steve Eagleburger, Agnetti Sheldrake, Terry Talty, Steuart Bremner and David Menard. Also featured are Brian Comber, Evan Lockhart Borman and Tony Zellaha.

Mindy Bray, "Via dell' Amore", 50x60", Graphite and watercolor on paper, 2007

Also - at Ironton will be Mindy Bray's installation called "Paper, Scissors, Rock" Works on Paper and Space Specific Installation
Opening Reception: Friday January 4th, 6–9 pm

"Paper, Scissors, Rock" will feature paintings and drawings on paper in watercolor and latex that are both reflective and critical looks at the ways in which the urban and the natural landscapes interact.
The exhibition will also include a new large-scale installation, Levee, which will respond to the waterways that flow through Denver, as well as our innate attraction to and manipulation of the city’s underlying natural landscape. The installation will draw its imagery from Denver’s Confluence Park, where the Platte River, Cherry Creek, and the LoDo district of Denver join in a bizarre and beautiful gesture of control, containment, and pleasure.

I have been a recent admirer of Mindy's work (since finding out about her) and I'm honored to be sharing space with her in the "Twinkle, Twinkle" show up right now at Plus Gallery here in Denver. You could say we're fellow snow-pile painters or enthusiasts:

Nathan Abels, "Snowpile", Acrylic on Panel, 36x80", 2005

Mindy Bray, "Iceburg", 40x50", Watercolor and Latex on paper on panel, 2007

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