Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Jenny Brillhart

Saxony Exterior - Purple Fence, 34 x 34", Oil on Panel
Saxony Exterior - Blue Wall, 12 x 15", Oil on Panel

Saxony Exterior - Double Doors, 15 x 22", Oil on Panel

I like her balance of geometric abstraction and realism. Her statement about the work is well written and concise;

  • "My paintings are about light, structure and place. I am drawn to subjects that offer a formal approach to painting and composition making. The clarity and controlled specificity of the paint’s value, color, and placement is critical. I aspire to make pictures that are considered, and honest to subject and craft."
Not enough can be said about that last sentence - especially the part about being "honest to subject and craft" - two virtuous and admireable attributes for a painting.

These paintings remind me of the work of photographer Philipp Hennig:
Photo by Philipp Hennig

1 comment:

Moon River said...

her works reminds me of the painting by christian hellmich

but even more then him, an other artist, whom i forgot his name that constract an interior and paint it - very clean, very sharp, can't recall his name...can you?


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