Saturday, January 19, 2008

War Planes: Daniel Miller and Vija Celmins

I think any artist would be honored to be compared to Vija Celmins (I know I would)...well, I was browsing Etsy today looking at some local artists and came upon Daniel Miller's Etsy page and subsequently his personal art site. I loved his drawings of war planes:

I personally enjoy the older planes more than the more modern planes. Maybe because of my long-time interst in World War II history, or maybe because they have a different aura. They reminded me of this (now) classic American painting recently purchased by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art :

Vija Celmins, American, born Latvia (Riga, Latvia, 1939 - ), "1Suspended Plane", 1966, Oil on Canvas, 23 3/4 in. x 34 3/4 in.

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