Saturday, March 29, 2008

Painting Progress Continued

Since Thursday, I've been trying to recover this painting. After it took such a nose-dive I was beginning to regret showing my progress on this blog - but some of you may still be interested in the ups and downs that many of my paintings go through before I'm satisfied. And sometimes my paintings get a lot worse before they get better. I overdid this painting so much Thursday that gave up and sanded it down a lot on that night, destroying much of what I worked on all day Thursday (sorry for such bad photos):

Then began the process of building it back up:
Then the smoke started to appear too solid

Then too bubbly
closer - but background was getting way too dark
Until finally I'm back to some smoke that appears wispy and subtle again:
Now I have to go back into the structure on the right side of the image, put in the barricades and sand-bags and then glaze some transparent white oil paint over the smoke to soften everything up. That's the plan anyway...

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