Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Eric LoPresti

I love these diptychs by Eric LoPresti. On his sites, Eric writes that this new series is based on "landscapes in conflict". The juxtaposition of visual emptiness (or fullness?) with the landscapes is intriguing. To me these images present a disturbance or change in time/circumstances - as if the viewer catches a glimpse of the landscape out of the corner of his or her eye. Or the more empty half of the composition could represent seeing through your eyelids - the landscape being a blink or a pause. They present the transitory nature of landscape and its relationship to human struggles/influences. I also see these works as acts of remembrance - the kind of remembrance that has been eroded with time; in which the person remembering can no longer recall specifics or has forgotten parts of the story.

Check out his website - he even gives you a glimpse into his working methods on the diptych series by posting a couple of digital sketches for future works.

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