Friday, April 25, 2008

JH Engström

Photos by JH Engström. His statement on the series read;

"Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport has allways been a special place to me.
At the age of ten I moved to Paris with my parents. The move created a very intense relationship to the city of Paris but also to the Charles de Gaulle airport and airports in general. .
The airport was the first contact with the world outside my native region in Sweden.

For this photogrphic project I spent three weeks in this particular zone, isolating my self in an airpirt hotel, and spending the days in and between the terminals.

With fiction, poetry and mystery I observed the airport. Raising questions on its social, urban and architectural dimensions.

The airport becomes a new place to observe identities and the history of relations.

It was extraordinairy to be given the permision to photograph in such a restricted high security area

JH Engström April 2006"

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