Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sze Tsung Leong

Svínahraun, Iceland, 2007

Canale della Giudecca I, Venezia, 2007
Dubai I, 2007

Excerpts from the "Horizons" series by Sze Tsung Leong. His statement on the series reads, "Horizons is an ongoing series of photographs, begun in 2001, that depict expansive views of a broad spectrum of environments throughout the world. The locations of the images may be distant in geography and diverse in subject matter, yet the photographs are linked by a horizon which continues in the same position from image to image. When placed side by side, the images form an extended landscape composed of an accumulation of varied continents, cities, terrains, situations, textures, and colors." In a recent New York Times interview, Leong said that "In terms of looking, the horizon is the farthest we can see", but it also represents "the limit of experience". Leong elaborated by saying that "The horizon is such a basic way of comprehending the space around us, comprehending our basic relationship to the globe."

This series closely resembles the ongoing series of "Seascapes" by one of my favorite artists, Hiroshi Sugimoto. Sugimoto also frames the horizon line in the same orientation (half sky, half water) in every photo of his series- also creating a continuous horizon line when installed in a
gallery or museum setting, as seen in this photo by 阿港伯

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